Well, I had an appt. again Friday morning.  This appt. was once again an estradiol level and ultrasound.  My estradiol level is continuing to rise- I was at 607 today.  Since they had increased my Gonal-F dose on Tuesday to 300 u BID.  I was really hoping that I would have produced a lot more follicles.  But once again lying down on that table and waiting for her to find something- it was not a good feeling.  As soon as they put me in the room while I wait for the ultrasound tech to come in, my anxiety rises.  It seems like an eternity until she arrives to the room to tell me what's going on in there. 

Today's results:
Well, I have 5 follicles that are of the size that pass to go ahead.  To go ahead with IVF we have to have a minimum of 5 follicles.  Which means, Dave and I are just scooting by this test.  I have heard many women say they only had 5 and a few of which ended up with triplets.  I know that the number is important, but I know that God only needs 1 follicle to make a baby.    It's so disheartening to hear them say that I only have 5.  All these injections and such a high dose at that, I feel like my body doesn't respond at all.  It doesn't make any sense.  You think you get a medication it should fix the problem, and even though it has improved, it's still not an excellent response.  I left NFC today very emotional.  I met with our IVF nurse after the ultrasound just to see what she said right away. I  didn't want to wait until the voicemail later in the day, esp. if it was bad news.  She briefly mentioned that were at the minimum to go ahead.  She said she would talk with the doctor and leave me a voicemail later in the day.

I got my voicemail around 3pm today.  Since we were busy at work, I had forgotten to check it much til then.  The message was again disappointing.  My doctor gave us 2 options: 
1.  We cancel this cycle and try a different cycle in hopes for a better response.  However, she wasn't sure I will respond any better if we try again.
2.  We go ahead and I start my Ganirilex injection tonight at 10pm in addition to the Gonal-F.  This injection helps delay ovulation and increase the chance of fertilizing eggs.  I will do this for the next couple days until they decide I am ready for egg retrieval.

Dave got home today and showed up at work.  It was sooo good to have him home. I have needed to hug him and cry for days now.  I feel like this week went fast and my sister and nephews got me through the week, but I'm so glad he's home.  Talking over the phone about all this stuff isn't the same as him being here for it.  I'm relieved that he is here and we can go through the rest of this cycle together.  We discussed our options and we're going to go ahead with this cycle.  Both of us feel like if this is the best I will respond, we should probably go ahead with it and trust God with the outcome.  I know that he has a plan and I know that the right number of follicles are growing.  We are praying for a miracle- that more eggs will develop in the next 3 days.  It will have to be God that makes this baby.  It will be a true miracle if this works. 

I think the biggest challenge now is to keep a postiive attitude and wait for the next appt.  I will go in Monday morning.  As soon as we know more I will keep you posted.  Pray for the development of several more follicles.  Pray for a miracle.  God can do it!

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