So my period decided to finally come today .   I didn't think it would ever come, and was really hoping it wouldn't and I was pregnant and we wouldn't have to go through with more procedures.  But it came so we proceed with our plan. 

Dave and I had decided we would go forward with another IUI once my period started.   So, I called NFC to get the ball rolling.  They called in my Clomid and Ovidrel shot and I picked it up.  I will do Clomid on Day 3-7 (Aug 23-27).  Then I will go in for an ultrasound on Sept 1 to check the progress of the follicles.  Once they feel there are a good amt of follicles present and mature, I will get my Ovidrel shot (triggers Ovulation).  After the shot is given, I will go back in on Sept 2 for the IUI procedure.  Hopefully Sept 2 will go down in the books as the day we conceived our little one:)

I'm very excited the time has come.  I' m a little anxious to see what the ultrasound looks like since this will be the first one following the acupuncture and herbal treatments I've been doing the past 4 months.  In our hearts we hope and pray that it has made a difference and we will be confident in a successful IUI due to the positive ultrasound.  Although the ultrasounds never guarantee a baby, if there a good number of mature follicles present, then there is a good chance it will happen.   We are hopeful!

We thank you for your prayers and thoughts!   This is a huge month for us and we welcome your prayers, encouraging words, etc.   Please feel free to leave comments for us- we love to read them!!!! 

We will keep you posted!!
8/31/2011 05:00:19 am

Thinking and praying for you and Dave!


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