Well, after waiting what seemed like forever.  My period finally came on day 29.  For me, that'a long cycle.  But again, could be because of the surgery and my body just a little weird from it.  I have to say I was hopeful but after about 6 negative pregnancy test while I was waiting for it to arrive, I had told myself it was just late due to surgery.  So, I wasn't overly disappointed this month.  Well, don't get me wrong- I had it all planned in my mind how this would be the perfect month- with Dave's birthday and Father's Day, but any month will do as long as it happens. 
I guess I'm still going on Dr. Lucas's words of encouragement when he told me a few months he expect a pregnancy.  I am not quite sure I can even fathom that in my mind.  I've played through it in my mind over and over- what will i do when the pregnancy test actually says pregnant or I see two lines.  I know in my heart I will be so overjoyed- I will cry.  I think I may be a little shocked and not believe it- so I will take numerous test just to prove to myself it is indeed true.  And hopefully I will still be able to surprise Dave like I have always wanted to.  This of course involves taking the test under the sneak and keeping my mouth shut until I see him or feel that I have the perfect moment to tell him.  I really can't wait.  Just thinking about it makes me smile. 

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