Sam texted and informed me that she was pregnant.  This is the dear friend I blogged about last time that just told me she thought they were having problems conceiving just the other night.  And I was all excited to start a club for the three of us.  I am so happy for her, but have to admit it's still hard.  I had just opened up to her and told her how long we had been trying.  So, they are fairly early in the process, but I do rejoice with her in this exciting news and am excited to share in this experience with her even if I am not pregnant. 
On another side note, Christine had an appt. the other day with her midwife and was told her uterus was particularly large at this stage in the pregnancy.  Christine had said this pregnancy has felt a little different than the other two.  Well, the midwife proceeded to tell her that there is a slight chance that this could mean twins.  It's not 100% yet at this point, but just going by the size of the uterus, it's a possibility.  I didn't known how to take the news.  I mean, for someone who can't even get pregnant with one, it's a bit of bittersweet news to know your sister is not only fertile mertile, but that she might be carrying multiples now.  I just want to say to God- Life isn't fair.  But I know that  His plans for us our different and I can't compare our story to theirs or even say it's not fair, because I do want his plans.  I do want what he wants.  And I am happy for my sister- I pray that however many are in her belly- that they are healthy.  We joked with her and Rick- that we would take one of the twins if they have them.   They have decided to give us the one that doesn't sleep well- we laughed.  At this point, I would take a baby that doesn't sleep well- each time that baby cries- I will be reminded that it really happened, and that I am really a mom.  Oh for the reality of it all.

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