Today Dave and I went in for an estradiol level and ultrasound.  It was so nice having Dave with me today.  My estradiol level is at 1188.  I have 6 eggs developing, 3 are a good size.  I will do my medications for 2 more days and the egg retrieval will take place this Thursday or Friday.  I'm praying for Thursday since that is my day off.  After retrieval, they will inject the sperm into my eggs (ICSI) and then we wait 3-5 days for them to fertilize.   The transfer will likely take place Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 

Since we don't know exactly when everything will take place, I'm supposed to have enough medications to last through Wed. night.  Of course, I only had enough through Tuesday night, so, we called the pharmacy tonight to order more vials of Gonal-F just in case they are needed.  Then tomorrow I have to order another dose of Ganirelix to get me through Wed. night as well. 

After discussing the tingling and headaches with the nurse today, she recc. we change to a diff. medication.  However, today the tingling was not bad, so I had Dave cancel the order so I could just continue with my current med regimen.  I hate to change medication now and it be a worse outcome.   I just don't want to risk having a more severe problem with the other medication.  We're too far along to make changes like that.    If I can make it through the next 2 nights, I think we'll be good. 

The next worry comes into play is with hyperstimulation.  However, with my whole 6 follicles developing, I 'm not too worried that I'll hyperstimulate.  They say to drink gatorade and eat plenty of protein to prevent hyperstimulating.   I'm stocked on gatorade and have been eating eggs like mad-lol. 

I'll update you after our appt. tomorrow.  We're getting so close, I am excited and nervous.   Keep praying!

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