Well, these past few weeks have been quite eventful.  April 1- was quite the April Fool's Day this year.  I remember last year calling Renee and telling her I wouldn't be able to ride the rides at Disney- letting her assume I was pregnant and getting some joy out of the response of excitement.  Gosh- a whole year ago. 
This year, April Fool's was quite different. Grandma passed away, I had a trip to my OB to find out I need to have surgery, and then found out Christine is pregnant with her 3rd.  The day couldn't have had more going on.  So, here's how the day went.  I went to work like normal.  I had my ob appt. set up after work at 240pm.  While I'm at the grocery store buying groceries for Easter weekend that we are hosting for Dave's parents- I get a call from my sister that grandma had passed moments ago.  That morning she was not doing well- so it wasn't the biggest surprise- but not exactly the place you want to be to find out.  I began tearing while trying to shop in the middle of Walmart.  Needless to say my shopping was over at that point.  I knew I would be going home and there would be no Easter dinner to worry about.  I made it to my OB appt.  which seemed to be the longest wait ever.  She went over all the reasons she believed I had endometriosis and all the reasons she thought it would be wise to have surgery-laparoscopy to determine that- and that this really could be the reason we are not getting pregnant.  However, no guarantees and a sheet I had to sign basically saying I could die- and have serious complications from anesthesia. 
          She had mentioned this option months back, but thought the HSG was the first step and a little less invasive- so we went ahead with that.  Everything up to this point is normal.  No reason we are not conceiving- so this is the next step.  And now that we're here, I'm excited to find out, but also very nervous to have surgery.  Granted it's a minor surgery, but still - it's surgery. 
       When someone ask me to explain my faith- I have always somehow tied trusting the Lord into my statement of faith.  I believe it's a major part of my walk with the Lord.  Looking back I have trusted him an awful lot with some pretty big decisions, and now it's time to trust him again.  I have to trust that He is going to be right there with me through this.  That I can be at peace with doing this and know that the outcome of this could be the beautiful gift of a baby we've been waiting for. 
        I know that He does want good for us- and we have to continue to pray for his plans, his will. 
      I called the Nashville Fertility Clinic today to talk with someone.  Mom mentioned getting a second opinion, so I set up an appt. with a different OB.   But in thinking further about it and knowing our insurance does not require a referral- I called them up and thought I'd at least see if I could get a consultation.  When I called I left a message for them to call me back, but was not thinking when I left the number and left my work number - since I say it all day long.  So, around 4:45 just as I'm about to head out the door, our front office lady tells me I have a call from Melinda from NFC.  I'm like find out who that is, I didn't call anyone.   So she ask- and they say it's personal.  SO, I take the call in the back still not realizing who it is- until she tells me when I pick up.  It clicks.  I am thankful at this point she didn't reveal who she was.  I can't believe I gave them my work number- yikes.  So, in speaking with her, she told me to go to the website and fill out some forms.  We submitted the forms tonight and are now waiting for them to call to set up a consultation. 
        This was very exciting news to me.  Because the Dr. I will be seeing, specializes in laparoscopy and infertility.  It seemed to be a perfect fit.  I'm so excited to go and meet her and find out what she thinks.  Our appt. is supposed to be next Thursday April 15.  Oh the anticipation of what she'll want to do. 
         My period is due on April 17- so we'll see.  This month we def. hit my ovulation- strong positive.  What a thing it would be if I got pregnant and don't have to go ahead with any of this.  A miracle! We'll pray for that.

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