On Dec 31, 2008 Dave and I went out to dinner together for NewYear's Eve.  New Year's Eve has always been a special night for us since that is the night Dave proposed to me.  On our way to Bricktops, I asked Dave what his New Year's Resolution was and he replied, "I want to be a father."   I was so excited, because Dave and I had planned to wait the 2 years like everyone says to before starting a family, but there were many times prior to that time that my heart felt so ready to be a mother and start a family.  We knew it was important to our marriage to have that time together, so I would try to quiet my heart when those moments came and I would pray that God would give me patience and show us the right timing for when we were ready to begin that journey together.  Well, that night over dinner we talked and felt it was the right time. 

On Jan 22, it became official that Dave and I decided to start trying to have a baby.  You know me- I just don't do anything casually- I jump in.  So I was online figuring out what days I ovulate and when we could conceive.  Dave's used to it- I also got us a baby names book to explore some names together- each night before bed- we go through the book and discuss some of the names we like.

  In about 8 or so days I will find out if we did conceive this month and I can't tell you how that makes me feel.  It's this incredible feeling of excitement, wonder, and amazement- just thinking of how the Lord creates a human, and how I get to be a part of that.  I'm overcome with emotion as I really think about the wonder of it all.  That in my body right now a little one could be forming.  That thrills me like no other.  I am super excited to see, and at the same time, a little anxious- not knowing if we did conceive or not.  Another way to trust the Lord- as he is constantly showing me how to do that, I know this will definitely be one of the biggest things to trust him with- his timing is perfect and we know it will happen when he's planned it.  We just can’t wait!