It’s really happening.

This past Wednesday Dave and I stayed at the Marriot Hotel downtown.  It worked out nicely because Thursday morning I went in for my first apt of the IVF cycle.  This apt. consisted of an estradiol level, vaginal ultrasound, exam, and a review of our IVF plan.  I also got set up with a voicemail box that I can call and check periodically for updates on appts, lab results, and instructions on what to do.  It’s a nice system. 

Later in the day I called my voicemail box for the first time to get my lab results from earlier that day.  My estradiol is 15- which is good and low.  This is what we wanted to see.  Since I have been on birth control, it should be low.  They want my system suppressed prior to starting the medications.  My ultrasound was also good- no cysts!  We’re good to go ahead with IVF this month. 

Today I began injections.  I am taking Gonal-F 225u twice daily.  My first injection this morning was bright and early at 630am.  Since they have to be 12 hours apart, and I leave for work at 7am in the mornings, I wanted to keep my first dose prior to leaving for work, so no sleeping in today.  I couldn’t sleep well after the injection.  It wasn’t very painful, but I was a little apprehensive of my response to it since this was my first injection and  I’m on a very high dose.   It took a few minutes to get the injection ready this morning.  Dave woke up and stood by me while I gave the shot.  Since I am on 225u I have to mix 3 (75u) vials together to equal my 225u.  Then it’s a subcutaneous injection into my abdomen.  8 more days of this.  I’m also on Dexamethasone while I take the FSH injections.  It’s unfortunate that Dave is leaving out of town tomorrow and will be gone the rest of the week.   He never travels with work, until now, the week I start injections.     He doesn’t need to be here, but it’s nice to know he’s here just in case something happens.  I know I have friends around that would be here for me if I needed them, but there’s something about having your husband by your side.  

This week I will go to the doctor on Tuesday and Friday.  At these appts, they will be checking my estradiol level and doing a vaginal ultrasound to make sure I am responding well but not over-responding.  Ideally, we want to see 12 follicles developing.  This is a good number to work with when it comes to fertilizing and transferring.  At this point in all of this, I know that even though I’ve started medication to help this work, God is still ultimately in control of all of this, and He will decide what happens in the end.  I am waiting in expectation of what he has.  

It still doesn't seem real to me.  It's like it won't be real until the very end.