9lb 7 oz

After the failed induction Dave and I were exhausted.  Going through a day of labor and then coming home without our baby girl was frustrating and upsetting.  We got home that night looking over at Avery’s bassinet feeling like she should be there with us and she wasn’t.  But we’re so glad we came home for much needed rest and to recover and prepare for the day she would actually come.  Little did we know it would be 2 days later………….

Saturday Dave and I laid low around the house- we went to dinner that night and I was still having irregular contractions.  Some were painful some not so bad but they were coming about every 10 minutes.   We kept waiting for them to worsen and lengthen but they never did.  I went to bed that night not feeling great.  I was up most of the night due to the contractions.   They were strong enough to keep me awake.  I let Dave sleep as I knew I would need him when we actually went to the hospital.  Morning finally arrived.  Dave and I watched church online as I was not feeling well enough to make it to church.  The contractions were now every 5-10 minutes but still irregular and inconsistent.  Some were strong, some not.  It’s like my body wanted to move forward but it couldn’t.  This continued for most of the day.  Dave and I didn’t go anywhere but had talked about going to the mall to walk around.  Before we went to the mall, I decided to soak in the tub as I had heard this helps dilate a mother further as she labors.  I soaked for about 20 minutes and then got out.  When I got out I felt awful- much worse than I had that morning.  It wasn’t the contractions but just an overall bad feeling.  I laid on the bed and told Dave I didn’t think I would make it to the mall because I didn’t feel well enough.  We decided to call my doctor to see what he thought was going on as we were at a loss for the irregular contractions and now feeling so badly. 

My OB is great.  He’s been very accommodating throughout our pregnancy so we weren’t surprised when he offered to meet us at his office on a Sunday afternoon to check me to see if I had progressed any further.  We felt bad about making him go to the office on a Sunday but he reassured us it was ok.  We grabbed our bags to take to the hospital in case things had progressed and we would need to stay.  As we get in the car to leave, the radio puts off a weather alert- Tornado Warning.  We picked the perfect time to head to the hospital as it was a bad thunderstorm outside with heavy rain.  We get to the office around 4pm and he pulls in about the same time as us and meets us to let us in his office. 

We go back to the room and he checks me- he smiles and says well, you’re at 4 cm dilated and your 90% effaced.  Your bag of water is bulging.  Well, this was def. progress from our 1 cm dilated we had been over the past few weeks.  So, with that news we had more decisions to make.  We could go home and labor there with the chance we would end up back in the hospital that night, or we could stay and he could break my water and let me labor there. 

I think Dave and I were so ready to meet our baby girl at this point and I was feeling so bad, we decided to stay at the hospital and have our baby girl.  We headed down to the ER for admission and the OB floor came down with a wheelchair to take me to our room.  Dave and I were in a different room this time Room 226.  I did not want to go back to the room where I was induced just because of the memories of it not working well.  We got to the room and within an hour, around 5pm, Dr. Sizemore came in to break my water.  They started an IV with fluids and then disconnected it shortly thereafter as I was still planning on a natural delivery. 

Early labor started- my contractions were still steady but nothing too intense.  Dave and I walked the halls a little bit and I used my ball to help with the pain/contractions.  At about 11 pm the contractions were very intense and painful.  I was breathing through them but I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain.  I had Dave pushing my hips so hard to ease the pain I think he thought he was going to snap me in half.  I didn’t realize how hard I had him pushing until 2 days after her birth when my hips and lower back really hurt.  Around 11pm Dr. Sizemore came into check me and I had progressed to almost 7 cm.  I didn’t want an epidural but the pain was so bad and I didn’t feel like I could continue with the pain still escalating.  So, we called the anesthesiologist in for me to get the epidural- although he couldn’t start the epidural because prior to that I had to receive a bolus of fluids and it was still hanging on the pole.  We had it turned off so I could move around and labor naturally and the nurse had forgotten to hook it back up.   Another 30 minutes pass as we wait for the bolus to go in completely.  I think that was the longest 30 minutes of my life as we watched the bolus go in and the pain worsened by the second.

 Finally it finished and the anesthesiologist was able to start my epidural.  I was in so much pain by then, I didn’t care what they did to me.  The epidural went in fine and within a few minutes I felt less pain and just the pressure of the contractions.  It was about 11 when we had the epidural placed and I was between 6-7 cm dilated.  The contractions didn’t completely cease after the epidural- there were moments of intense pain that continued.  I also got the shakes from the epidural and some mild itching but overall I’m glad I did it esp. since labor continued for 7 more hours and we saw how big she was. 

Around 4am the nurses checked me and said I was 10 cm and ready to push.  I was exhausted from laboring all night but so excited to have finally reached a point of pushing and having our baby girl.   Dr. Sizemore said my entire labor was atypical- we laughed and said the whole process- getting pregnant to having her was not normal.  This little girl from the start was special and why would we expect any different with the delivery right?  She had to make her grand entrance into this world special too!  By this point we could only imagine what this little girl would be like- looking back on our long journey and all we had gone through to get to this point and now the time had come to meet this sweet little girl, our miracle baby. 

Pushing was probably the hardest workout I have ever encountered.  Of all my years of sports and training – I think pushing topped them all.  After 2 hours of heavy pushing and breathing and pushing and breathing- we started to see her head – or should I say hair.  The doctor put a mirror down there so I could see her.  It helped motivate me that she was there and was coming and encouraged me to continue pushing.  We were so close and yet she still didn’t want to come out – we would see her head and then we wouldn’t.  She still wasn’t sure she wanted to join us out here yet. 

It got very scary at the end when I could see something wasn’t quite right in my doctor’s face.  A look of panic/ urgency came upon his face.  Dave was down there watching but all I could see was her hair (back of her head).  But as soon as her head came out- it was blue and she wouldn’t come out any further because her shoulder got stuck (broad shoulders from mommy and daddy).  Immediately the doctor started pulling on her head and all 3 nurses were pushing down on my belly to force her out. Another nurse was on the phone paging respiratory to be there as soon as she came out as they were worried she was not breathing due to her blue color.   I was pushing as hard as I could as I knew she needed to get out quickly.  They are all yelling at me to push.  I didn’t know what was going on but I was terrified something was wrong with her the way they were all acting.  The doctor finally performed an episiotomy to get her out quickly.

Avery came out- all of her-at 554am. They placed her immediately on my chest but I knew something was wrong and I said just take her and do what you need to do.  They whisked her away to the other side of the room as she was not crying yet.  The respiratory team bagged her twice to get her oxygen and she immediately turned pink.  Apgar scores were 4 at 1 minute and then 8 at 5 minutes so she perked up right away.  I couldn’t see what was going on and was crying and asking if my baby was ok?  Dave was over there watching and giving me the thumbs up reassuring me she was just fine as tears rolled down his face.  Dave and I were both crying at this time- filled with joy and happiness that our baby girl was not only here but ok.  What an emotional experience.  We are finally parents and we have a daughter.  It’s still hard to believe our little miracle has arrived.  She is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. 

After they knew she was ok, they wiped her down and then handed her over to me to hold her.  I just looked at her and thought to myself wow- this is my daughter.  It’s incredible that God allows us to experience this- truly a miracle.  I still look back on it and think to myself- how amazing that God chose me to be this little girl’s mommy and let me help bring her into this world.  How amazing.

Avery was much bigger than any of us thought including the doctor.  This little girl surprised us right away coming out as big as she did.  She weighed 9lb 7oz and was 21.5 inches long.  I don’t think anybody could believe that I carried a baby that big or birthed a baby that big.  Dave and I thought she would be big but not that big- we had guessed around 8lb.  It’s still hard to believe she made it out of there without a C-section.  I am so thankful she did and I got to experience her birth the way I did.  It makes it even more miraculous that she arrived the way she did.   We never would have thought going to 41.5 weeks would give us a baby this big but now we know.  I think next time they might induce me earlier knowing we had a baby this big- just a hunch I suppose-lol. 

Getting pregnant to having this little girl has been so much work but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat at the joy she has brought into our lives.  Being a mommy is incredibly hard work and I am learning new things daily.  I hold her and look down at her and cannot believe she is mine.  God entrusted us to care for this precious child.  It’s a feeling I cannot describe and I sometimes feel overwhelmed by how very much I love her already.   When those big blue eyes look up at me – all I want is the best for her.  I pray daily for God to help me be the best mommy for Avery.  I think now more than ever I am relying upon the Lord to direct us as parents in this amazing yet incredibly important task of parenthood.   I am Avery’s mom and God has chosen me for this task – trusting in Him now to help me be the mommy she needs.  I couldn’t do it without Him.  

I am speechless at what God has given to us.  It's still unbelievable and I look at her and tears form in my eyes and all I can say is God you are more than amazing.  This song reminds me of how amazing He is.  Avery is our little miracle and I will forever be in awe at how God brought her into our lives.

Proud Daddy.
My going home outfit mommy made,
Holding my new baby girl.
Amber Chaffer (Littles)
1/31/2013 03:02:24 am

I am not sure if you will even remember me, we had a spanish class together in high school. Christine was in the same class if I remember correctly. But I have been following your story and I just wanted to say how incredibly brave and simply amazing you and your husband are to endure what you have and still keep your faith. So many people these days allow their faith in God to be shaken because oc small trials, but you both stayed strong. Even as just an outsider I am so proud of you both. God bless you all always and praise him for that beautiful little girl!

2/13/2013 04:47:55 am

Thanks Amber. I do remember you. If it weren't for our faith in God I don't know how we would have made it through honestly. He was the reason we got through it and can look back and see how He worked every step of the way to get us where we are today. God had a plan all along and we continue to trust Him with our baby girl and the future growth of our family.
God Bless,

Beverly Stanley
2/1/2013 01:39:47 pm

Karen, it was so good to hear all the details of the labor and birth. Thank you for taking the time. Reading that Dave had tears of joy when he knew Avery was alright brought me to a few tears too!

3/13/2013 03:32:54 am

Congrats on your miracle baby! <3

12/15/2013 01:36:49 am

Your blog has been such a blessing to me this morning. I prayed that God would give me peace today, and I think he led me to your story.

My husband and I have been trying for about 2 years. This is my first cycle with clomid and we did our first IUI a week ago. We saw Dr. V and are now seeing Dr. CW. We're also headed to Disney in a week to either celebrate the success of this IUI or enjoy a diversion from this TTC experience.

The similarities in our stories really struck me, and seeing your beautiful baby gives me hope.

Thank you for sharing this with the world.


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