We attended a different church today to support our friends as they dedicated their baby to Christ.   The few I've been to have been such a special day for the family and friends.  I think it was harder to watch today because I know my period is coming or at least I think it will be here any day now.   We were so thrilled to be a part of the day, but my heart was heavy to think about the day we might have the privelage to dedicate our child to the Lord. 
          The sermon hit home as the pastor took us to Samuel and the story of Hannah.  Talk about hearing the Lord speak to you.  He read the entire chapter about Hannah and her inability to conceive and how she prayed fervently to God to give her a child and if he did she would give him back to the Lord.  I sat there in the pew thinking, could I do that.  Hannah followed through and when the Lord granted her request to have a child- he gave her a son- Samuel and she gave him back to the Lord just as she said she would.  I don't know if I could do that, but I sat there thinking to myself- I have prayed over and over to God that if he gave us a child we would raise them in the way of the Lord.  We would love them and provide for them and teach them about the Lord.  What more can I promise  to you Lord I wonder.  Apparently I can promise more- Hannah did.  She gave her child up to the Lord.  It made me think of raising our child one day and because they will know the Lord and be God's servant- they will follow God's calling in their life and that may be difficult for me to accept one day- esp. if it seems dangerous or silly to us the parents.  I sat there praying- prepare us God for the child you give us- and all the plans that you already have for that child- that I may be able to accept them and encourage them to follow you - whatever it is they want to do.  How hard it must be as a parent to do such a thing.  I can only imagine what that must be like to watch a child grow and trust God with their life and what He does with it.  Oh I have such a long way to go in trusting God- and I feel that having a child will only teach me that lesson even more- in ways I don't even know yet.  
            Lord, there is so much beyond what I can see.  I'm so glad to know you have a plan- and you know our hearts and are working on us and preparing us to be parents to the children you give us one day.  I know that you have big plans for each of them already and I pray that you are already preparing me for those plans- that I may be a supportive, encouraging, and loving mother.  That I may not hold them back from serving you in any way even if it's not what I had in mind for them.  Oh Lord, prepare me for I know that parenthood is going to challenge me like nothing else. 

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