So, we didn't quite make it to the one week mark, but close enough.  Thursday night- Dave got home from work and we were ready.  I was a little unsure of how it would feel- or if I'd be sore, but it went fine.  Better than fine.  And it went so good, we haven't stopped since Thursday night-lol.  Ok, I'll spare you the details- it just makes me happy that it's going well. 
     I detected a faint OPK on Thursday, nothing Friday, faint again today.  Not sure what is going on.  My only guess is, I may have ovulated early due to surgery.  I read that it can make your period come sooner, which would mean an earlier ovulation.  Or, what I would rather be the case is I haven't ovulated yet and will detect it come Day 14 which is tomorrow.  My period is supposed to come June 5 or 6- and as much as I wanted to be pregnant for Mother's Day, I'm thinking Father's Day would be even better.  This way I can suprise Dave.  I love doing that!    And he would never suspect anything that day.  We're not really expecting this month to be the month, but God can do it.  I've read some pretty discouraring stuff online about the best time to conceive is 6-18 months after laparoscopy.  Tears swelled in my eyes and I thought that's where we are now -18 month- can I do this for 18 more?  I try not to think about that and hope that we're one of the couples that gets pregnant right after surgery.  Because my endometriosis was not severe- pregnancy following may not be likely.  Women with severe cases of endometriosis are very likely to conceive right after surgery because of all the stuff that is removed.  But for women like me that have a mild case of it, studies do not show a whole incease in pregnancy rates afterwards.  Again, very discouraging. 
        One of the nights following surgery- I was reading about the statistics and with tears and a very sore and tender abdomen wondered why I even went through with it.  Was it worth it?  Then I begin doubting the surgery- did I need it- did they really remove anything?  You really have to trust medical people completey when you have surgery and when you're a medical person like myself that's hard because you know how flawed they are- you know that they make mistakes everyday.  You're all too aware of all the things that could go wrong and all the things neccessary for them to do so that things go right.  It really messes with my head. 

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