Today Dave and I went in for the embryo transfer.  I have to admit I was scared that we would get there and hear that the embryo had arrested growth and they wouldn't be able to do the transfer.  But, we prayed this morning multiple times and knew that whatever happened, God was in control today.  When we arrived to the clinic, we were called back fairly quick.  We were taken back to the surgery center again where they did my egg retrieval.  We had the same nurses today so that was neat.   Dr. H was my doctor today.  Very nice.  The best part of our day was our visit with the embryologist.  The embryologist came in the room with a picture of our embryo.  It was absolutely amazing- Dave and I were beaming with smiles as we realized this was our child on paper.  Absolutely beautiful.  The embryologist told us that the picture was taken at 66 hours and she was currently 4 cells.  She said at 72 hr they like the embryo to be between 6-12 cells.  So, our little embryo is growing but slowly.  But she reassured us that she looked beautiful and that they transfer 4 cell embryos before and they resulted in pregnancies.  So, we remain hopeful.  She left the room and Dave and I just sat there staring at this beautiful picture - we couldn't stop smiling.  The picture is on our refrigerator and will be prayed for over the next 2 weeks as we wait to find out if she continues to grow and implant. 

After our visit with the embryologist the OR nurse came in and wheeled me into the operating room.  It was so cute- Dave had to suit up in scrubs.  And he looked adorable in his scrubs.  He was so excited!   When we got into the OR room, Dave got to look at our embryo under the microscope.  So this is when it gets even better.  Dave comes back over to my bed where I am laying and he says, she's up to 5 cells.  Which means, in the past couple hours she had divided again.  This is great news!   Dr. H  did the transfer which was only a 15 min procedure.  He said it went smoothly and at the end of the transfer we got to see a picture of our embryo inside my uterus.  It's absolutely amazing to see this whole process take place.  It's truly a miracle!  

So, our little one is inside me now, and we are praying for continued growth and division and if God willing- a split.  We just don't know what God has planned and we're ready for whatever he has for us.  If our embryo decides to split we end up with two little babies.  And let me tell you we'd be happy with that too!  Healthy baby or babies is the main thing. 

I 've included a picture of our little embryo and some others of our day.  Wanted to capture these memories.  It was probably one of our most memorable days we've shared together thus far in our marriage and I don't want to forget any of it.
Daddy all suited up to go in for embryo transfer.
Before embryo transfer.
Our little embryo ready for implantation.
3/14/2011 11:25:55 am

Hi Baby A! We love you! Praying for you-stay strong!


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