This morning we went in for the egg retrieval.  We were both excited for the day to finally arrive.  We got there about 8 am.  The whole office has gotten to know us since we were there everyday this week so they were all wishing us good luck.  We got called back quickly and were taken to the surgery center.  I gowned and got an IV and then they began my medications via IV.  Before I knew I was waking up.  It was so fast.  Waking up wasn't so bad this time- I didn't feel too groggy and had just a little stomach pain. 

The embryologist came in about 15 min after I woke up.  She reported that the retrieved 3 eggs.  They wanted to get more, but some of the follicles were empty.  She said at my age they usually are good quality eggs though and only one of those needs to fertlize well to implant.  She reviewed the embryos and told us we would be getting a voicemail tomorrow on the progress of the embryos.    I am praying that these 3 are perfect and that they all fertilize well.  She finally left the room and I began to tear.  I was dissapointed in the number they retrieved- Dr E reassured me that she did her best to get more, but there wasn't anything in some of the biggest follicles.  We just have to believe quality over quantity here.  All 3 eggs could be great.  As much as I want to know tomorrow, I'm scared of the worse case scenario which would be none were good enough or mature enough to be fertilized.  Until then, we wait.   More waiting. 
Karen just before egg retrieval.
3/11/2011 04:41:19 am

Hey look at that, my favorite number is 3 : )God is going to do GREAT things with those 3 eggs!

"because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free."
- Ephesians 6


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