Today was one of those moments I cherished.  It was something so small, but something God must have known I needed.  It came at the perfect time for me since my period showed up this AM.  I had friends in town this weekend visiting from nursing school.  So, I was going to miss the nursery with Dave.  I look forward to nursery and feel it’s an incredible blessing to go hold kids, love on kids, and play with kids every other week.  So, I was a little sad I was going to miss out on that time.  But God had something even better for me this morning, a unexpected blessing. 

Two of our friends had brought their goddaughter to Sunday School with them.  During Sunday School they were presenting their recent mission trip and had to go up front to do so.  I offered to hold their goddaughter while they went up front.  She was so precious- such a quiet spirit.  She immediately cuddle into my arms and fell asleep.    She was slightly congested and so after a while – she began snoring- everyone around us began to turn around to see what the noise was coming from.  It was so precious.  I loved every minute of it. 

During class, they showed a slideshow of the mission trip.  Of course it included many pictures of children.  It broke my heart seeing these children- many so unloved and without parents.  It didn’t help holding this precious life in my arms as I watched.  Soon tears were rolling down my cheeks and I began to think once again if adoption is what God has in store for us.  My heart truly does break for children who don’t experience love every day.  Dave and I have so much love to give to a child and yet here we are waiting and waiting, and yet no child. 
                I feel a little more accepting towards adoption then where I was months ago since we have now taken steps to help me get pregnant and yet we’re still not succeeding.  I know that God will make it clearer and clearer and when we come to that decision we will know it is his plan for us.  In the meantime, I pray for wisdom in what he wants us to be doing now.  I know that loving children is definitely something we are called to do and we have found ways to do that, but it just doesn’t seem like enough.  I want to do more. 

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