Dave and I flew to Dallas on August 31 for our first baby shower for Avery.  Dave’s parents were so kind to have been praying for us and having their entire church group and friends join them in praying for a miracle.  It was fun to go to celebrate with them and share with others our joy and excitement of our little girl’s arrival.  More than anything, we hope and pray that Avery’s life is already a testimony to the power of God and the miracle she is to us as we know He is the reason she is now growing in me.  It’s our testimony now and will always be one we share with those around us. Every time we talk about our little girl and every time we think back to how she came to be, we will share God’s goodness and the miracle He brought into our lives.   She will always be a testimony in our lives, a reminder to us of God’s faithfulness.  She will know at a young age the miracle she is and the powerful God that brought her into our lives.  

Dave’s parents threw us a baby shower and an open house while we were in town for friends to gather and celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.  It was so good to be surrounded by those who have been praying for us and following our story.  So many of these wonderful people who gathered don’t know us well, but our dear friends to the Stanley family and were so thoughtful to keep us in their prayers during our infertility journey.  We know in an even more real way the power of prayer and the impact that has also had on our journey.    

Dave also got to see many of his high school friends and their families while we were home.  He enjoyed seeing all of them and the families they have all started.    It was a good visit and a wonderful time with family and friends.  Avery was spoiled with love, gifts, and more prayers while we were there.  She is so loved already, but I know when she arrives and we see her precious face, we will fall even more in love with her.  

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