Easter appointment

Our appointment today consisted of another ultrasound and estrogen level.

Follicle Sizing:

(1)    19.5 mm

(1)    16mm

(1)    15 mm

Estrogen Level:  649  ( they really want this to reach 1000)

There are still a few other small ones that have pretty much stopped growing.  So, we’re pretty much hoping for 3 good size follicles at this time.  Praying that each follicle has an egg inside that can be fertilized successfully and be transferred at the end of this week.    I was extremely tearful today after our ultrasound because I feel like throughout this past week our follicles have diminished.  I have had a different ultrasound tech at each visit and I know they all do measurements a little different as well, so that has been a little frustrating.   Dave and I talked with them today about our frustration and felt a little better after getting if off our chest.  They simply can’t provide the same ultrasound tech for each patient due to people’s vacations and time off etc.  I understand being a nurse, but it’s just been hard getting different results each day and feeling like we’re regressing rather than moving forward. 

Tomorrow morning we’ll go back in for another ultrasound and estrogen level.  They think I will be ready to trigger tomorrow meaning I’ll do an injection that triggers ovulation.  Once I take the shot, I will go back in about 24-36 hr after for retrieval when the eggs are ready to go.  This looks like it should occur on Wednesday so I’ll keep you posted on updates of course!

This morning we had our appointment at 745am and then Dave and I went to Grace Chapel in Englewood, Co for church service.  It wasn’t the same as being back at our home church in Brentwood, TN, but it was good to be around fellow believers on this extremely special day!

 Last night we were able to go to the production of The Thorn at  Denver University.  The Thorn is the  Passion meets Cirque du Soleil.  Thorn Productions is a multi-faceted non-profit organization committed using the creative arts to share the love of God with a sight and sound generation. The core of their ministry is the live stage production The Thorn. The Thorn Live uses narrative, visuals, movement and music to tell the story of the Cross. Often described as The Passion meets Cirque du Soleil, the show has expanded over the years to include aerial acrobatics, pyrotechnics, dynamic visuals and special effects.  Dave and I really enjoyed going to see the production while we were here.  It was really neat to go the night before Easter as we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection.  As always watching the passion of Jesus Christ brought me to tears as I watched our Lord go through the suffering and painful, public death by crucifixion.   It’s always hard for me to watch that and yet it’s so good to watch to remind me that it was my sin that put him on that cross.  It was I that he died for and it was I that he has given eternal life through the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ.  The Easter Story is a story of hope.  As we sat there last night and watched, I was filled with hope- The resurrection of Jesus is the heart of the Gospel message and, perhaps even, the meaning of the life: that there is hope. No matter how dark it gets, there is a light that shines. That’s why they call it “The Good News”, and it should inspire us all and give us all hope.  

I pray that on this Easter Day, we all remember our God is a God who gives hope.   We all have areas in our lives that we feel are dead and hopeless, but despite how “final” these situations may feel,  God provides us with hope- a  fresh start.    As we remember the resurrection of Christ, the most powerful and hope filled story,   I am so thankful to know that hope and believe God can provide it no matter how hopeless our situation may seem.   
Dave and I stopped at Colorado Christian University and took a few pics after church today.  The weather is so beautiful and we enjoyed being outside most of the day! 

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