So, we got the quote from the financial counselor at NFC.  Let's just say it's not good.  I almost cried when I added up all the cost for IVF.  We knew it would be expensive, but were hopeful that insurance might cover a better portion of it than what she's showing us.  All I can think of now is how can we come up with $12,000 fast.  We're racking our brains............   I've come up with some practical ways.......... Dave and I could do waitressing at a restaurant for 2 months in the evenings to earn extra cash (tips can be good money),  surveys online (who knows if those work), selling stuff on craigslist,   starting my own business of DVD picture slideshows for special events.  Dave has also come up with some interesting ideas............  playing the lottery reguarly, signing us up to drive cars with advertisements,  searching Vanderbilt's website for current research studies that pay patients for being involved (we didn't qualify for any of these),   altering our budget so we can put more towards our child fund.   Well, we're still thinking.  Since we're Dave Ramsey followers we really dont' want to go in debt having a child esp. since that's not a good way to bring a baby into the world (with debt).   However, we don't want to wait 6 months until we can save up enough money to proceed.  I've read online where some people take out of their 401K, or they take out a loan, but again we don't really want to go in debt.  Our only option is to figure out how to make the money.   We're def. going to be cutting back eating out if we eat out at all, no more new home decor or furniture.   We can cut out that stuff, and that helps but it still doesn't give us what we need for a while. 

It's been hard waiting all this time,  but then we get to this step in the process ( of course we didn't know we'd end up doing this) and now we don't have the money to go ahead with it. It's terribly frustrating to us.  We're stuck.  Perhaps God is teaching me another lesson in patience.   I've learned that typically the things we obtain in life that come easy or free are typically not as appreciated or taken care of, and the things we have to work hard for are cherished that much more.  But somehow, even though I feel I've really learned this, it keeps staring me in the face.  No instant gratification for the Stanley's.    I don't know if it's possible that any more waiting could cause us to appreciate our child any more.  This child is already so loved, so prayed for, and will be so spoiled when he/she/they arrive. 
1/23/2011 10:26:07 pm

K and D,
Next time I see you Im teaching you guys how to hard core coupon! I saved us over $2000.00 last year and I have a stock pile of the basic necesities! Every little bit will help!


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