So, today was my follow-up appt. with Dr. Lucas following surgery.  I was excited to go in to talk to him about the surgery, about the plans, what I can expect.  I had a bunch of questions and I wanted him to go over my pictures and show me where the endometriosis was located.  Looking at the pictures it was hard to tell where it actually was.  
       I went in to the appt. happy and excited, more hopeful.  Dr. Lucas checked my incisions and told me I was recovering well.  Everything looked good.  Then he showed me the endometriosis on the pictures- very small but black tiny spots.  It was interesting to see how tiny it looked but how much pain it actually can cause.  It's unbelievable that something so small can cause so much pain.  He told me he was very hopeful that in the next 3 months I would fall pregnant.  I couldn't hide the smile on my face when he said this.  I told him I was a couple days away from my period, but no spotting yet.  Spotting he said?  I said yes, I always get spotting days 24-27 prior to my period.  It's like my sign that it's coming.  He said you shouldnt' get that- that's too short of a luteal phase.  So, then he proceeded to tell me he thought I should get on prometrium (progesterone supplement) to help sustain a pregnancy.  So, come next month after I ovulate- I will begin taking prometrium 3 days after I ovulate to help my body's progesterone level elevate to sustain a pregnancy.  Angi took it- and told me I would feel pregnant, Dr. Lucas told me it's totally natural and I wouldn't even know I was on it.  We'll see. 
Overall the appt. went well.  I am confident and encouraged.  I feel like it really is going to happen now.  More waiting, but waiting confidently and with expectation Lord.

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