As you read in Karen's previous post, we are now pursuing IVF.  If you have been following these blogs during this time or even reading them after we reached a certain point and told everyone, thank you for your prayers.  The journey we are on is one neither of us thought we would have to go through.

So after our IVF education class, it is a little more clear now the direction we are headed.  We are headed from 2 to 12.  IUI would take very little prep on our parts, and then 2 weeks to find out if it worked.  But now, with IVF, there is so much to do and it will take 12 weeks plus to complete the IVF cycle completely.  I know this journey has already taken a toll on Karen: mentally, physically, and even spiritually.

I know for a fact the Karen is tired of thinking about getting pregnant, running over all the possibilities of how to get pregnant, and the disappointment that has come every 25 days for the past 2 years.  Physically, we have tried everything she has read.  Her body has been poked and she has had surgery; she has had other, let’s say, procedures, during the IUI process.  But the biggest part I fear is spiritually.

Her trust in people has never come easy, so that spills over into her trust in God.  I know she will always trust him, but she has really had to struggle with trusting God, his timing, and being patient while He works.  I know I can also say with confidence that there have been parts of this journey where I have been no help and cannot even imagine the struggles she has had. 

So this leads me to also admit that I have no idea what I am doing.  Not having experienced anything like this before both scares and frustrates me.  I don't know what she needs and if I don't know that, I have no clue how to give it to her.  I don't want this to get in the way of loving my wife and being the encouragement she needs.    I want to be understanding of her, of the pains she has, and the struggles in her life right now because of this journey.  I just don't know how to communicate understanding sometimes.

So, 12 weeks of more poking and more fertility drugs.  So if anyone has any suggestion on how I can talk with my wife, be understanding, and show my true interest in her and this journey, I welcome your feedback.  I don’t want the IVF cycle to push us apart or prevent us from growing closer together when it should be pushing us closer to each other and to God.  Maybe the few months we have to wait to save enough money for IVF will give us a chance to relax, not think about it, and just focus on us.
1/23/2011 10:29:48 pm

sometimes a hug is the best thing! that is what I tell Rick... "just hug me and tell me everything will be fine!"

I feel the same way... let us know how we can support you guys!


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