God is faithful!

Well, April 26 was the officially pregnancy blood test.  It was scheduled for that day as soon as we had left Colorado and I apologize for telling many of you it was the first week of May, but Dave and I knew we would need a few days to process this news either way on our own before sharing it with the world.  April 25 I went to dinner with my wonderful girlfriends who were so positive and encouraging about me being pregnant.  I just kept thinking through dinner I could be- my period hasn’t started, I’ve been extremely tired, I’ve been awfully ditzy, and I’ve had these weird stomach cramps.   This year I behaved and did not test early like I did our last IVF cycle.  I told myself it would only upset me and I wanted to enjoy the thought of being pregnant as long as possible before we officially knew for sure because as soon as we got the results of the blood test- there was no more thinking positive- it was either yes or no.   After dinner with the girls when I got home I convinced Dave that I would take one test and we would look at the results together.  I told him surely by now it will show up if we’re pregnant, the blood test was only 12 hr away.  So, we went ahead and took the test and our youtube video below captures the moment we will cherish the rest of our lives.  Our 3.5 year journey of trying to have a baby is well- see for yourselves, the youtube video is included in the blog below.

Our God is faithful and we can’t thank our friends and family enough for all the love, support, and prayers you have shown us through this journey.  We give God all the glory and praise for this little miracle in my tummy.  Without Him, we know this would not have happened and we will forever praise Him for this special little miracle He has given us.  Dave and I were told prior to going to Colorado that we had a 15% chance of success- and this is coming from the doctors at the nation’s best IVF clinic.  The odds were definitely stacked against us, but our God doesn’t go by the world’s odds or success rates, our God can overcome all of that and that He did!   We will also never forget your prayers and faithfulness and how they helped us get our little miracle as well!!!!

Dave and I are definitely relishing in the joy of these past few days in getting to tell our family and friends and rejoicing with them in God’s goodness and faithfulness.  Every time we share with someone else it reminds me that our God is an awesome God!!!  My parents came in town and we were able to tell them in person-and we got to tell our sisters and Dave’s parents via Skype – I think they all shed some tears in hearing the news and our overjoyed with us!!!   The reality of being pregnant is still sinking in for sure- throughout my day I just keep thinking to myself- I’m pregnant-I’m really and truly pregnant!!!!   It truly is such a miracle I am still grasping the reality of it.  Sunday at church we sang a new song during worship called “You are Faithful”.  A song I have never heard before but a song that seemed to sum up our entire journey we had just walked through- it was exactly what we needed to hear.    As the tears poured from my eyes, Dave and I and my mom and dad all sang the words, “YOU ARE FAITHFUL”.     And that's the best way to sum it all up. 

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