So, lately we've got money on our minds as we're trying to brainstorm any possible way we could raise money fast.  But Sunday God sent us a couple that we were able to talk to and feel encouraged.  I have always wondered through this whole process if God wants Dave and I to adopt.  Dave and I love kids and even on Sunday mornings when we work the nursery, we treat those kids like their our own, so I know adopting and loving a child even if we didn't have them would not be a problem. 
            Since we work the nursery every other Sunday, we attend the 11:11 service at our church.   The 11:11 is a more intimate, contemporary service and we really enjoy the change every other Sunday.  Service is a bit different in that you sit at tables with other people.  Dave and I typically like to sit in the back.  Personally I feel much more free to worship when I sit in the back.  So we chose a table that was empty in the back.  The service always fills up so eventually a couple came and sat down with us.  It was obvioius that they had adopted because they were caucasion and holding an African little girl.  During worship it was clear to Dave and I that we should talk to them before we left that morning. 
             After service, we were able to talk with them and ask them questions about their adoption.  They have 3 other children but felt called to adopt.  They told us about the agency and answered our questions about paperwork, financial expectations, and the length of time it takes to adopt.  They were able to get Sadie within a year from the start of the process.  We exchanged phone numbers and they told us to call if we ever had questions.  We explained to them our situation and where we were at but had never ruled out adoption. 
           When we left we both knew that God had placed that couple in our lives for a brief time for a specific reason.  It's so neat when God speaks to us through others.  My heart is more and more open to adoption.  Dave and I would love to adopt a child internationally and learn all about their culture.  But I still really long to have a baby and sometimes adopting a baby is extremely hard esp. internationally.  Domestic adoption would probably give us a better chance of getting a newborn and even being able to attend the birth of the child.  I don't know how this will all work out- esp. when everything cost a lot of money.  The couple told us not to let money scare us away from going through with it.  They said everytime money was due, God provided.   We'll see what the Lord reveals to us in the coming weeks.  I did fill out an online application to receive the information packet from the agency.  Part of me fears waiting to start this process if we go through with IVF and fail, because then we're back at starting over.  I think we're going to start the process and the paperwork and see what God does with it.  Right now we're just gathering information and talking to those who have been through it.    I have to say thinking about it excites me.    I think it's an incredible privelage to be able to love a child and give them a life they never would have had if we hadn't chosen them.  What an amazing gift if would be. 
2/6/2011 02:22:21 am

karen!! this is my friend rachel from work!! small world! she goes to BBC!and I'm so excited for you guys!


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