Avery at 23 weeks.

September 13 has always been a very special day for Dave and I as this is the day 7 years ago now, that Dave asked me to court him and see if God would lead us towards marriage.  For us, this day stands out as many things happened leading up to that day but both of us still vividly remember the conversation of Dave officially asking me if he could pursue me and where God may lead us.  It was a special day then but even more so now looking back as we know God definitely had plans for us ahead and a journey of a lifetime to share together that was only just beginning that day.   

Recently, people keep asking me if I have felt Avery move as I am now 24 weeks today!   My OB had told me my placenta is in front of her so it may be a little harder to feel her and may not occur for a few more weeks due to the placenta blocking some of those ever so slight movements.  Over the past week or so I thought I was feeling her but I wasn’t confident and started to feel scared that I hadn’t yet felt her.   I was randomly feeling a slight flicker but I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t just my crazy stomach doing something weird.  Well today was my regularly scheduled Thursday off, Dave had to work so I just did some stuff around the house, trying to get things done as I do on my day off.  Early afternoon I got tired so I went to lie down on the bed and rest- watch some TV and relax.  Avery always tends to get more active when I lie down as I know most babies do, so as I’m lying there, I begin to feel those slight flickers in my stomach only this time I looked down and began to watch.  To my amazement I saw my stomach move again and again.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My little girl is definitely moving around in there and I saw her!   It was the most amazing thing to see.  I called Dave from his office to share in the excitement and we watched for a bit longer in awe of the miracle this whole process is to us.  Wow!   Words can’t express how very special it was to see that especially on our special day- September 13.  Thank you Lord!

Recently in Sunday School we discussed how easily we forget God’s goodness to us.  Often times we take for granted all that we have and all that he has done for us.  When tough times come, we fall back to what we think is best, rather than what we know God can do. Over and over in the bible I have been reminded of story after story where the people then did the same thing.   One of the best examples that has stood out to me is in Exodus-God allows Moses and the Israelites to escape from bondage in Egypt by parting the Red Sea and bringing them to safety.  It’s not long before the people grow weary and begin to doubt God’s faithfulness.  They quickly lose trust and forget where God has already brought them and the place he brought them from, and so they build a golden calf that they can rely upon, just in case God needed a little help. 

I look at the story and think how can anyone forget so easily.  This is the same God who parted the Red Sea for these people and brought them out of slavery- He spared their lives and YET, they still forgot.    I know as Dave and I get closer to Avery’s due date and further away from the place we were- the infertility journey we were on, we can also forget where we were, we can forget where God brought us, we can forget how God worked and moved and how he answered our prayers.  Over time, if we let it, we will forget the power of God in our story and the miracle our little girl truly is

Avery will always be a daily reminder to us and I pray we never forget God’s faithfulness to us and always give him the glory, honor, and praise.  And, when we come to a point in our lives when we are faced again with a tough time, a mountain to climb, I pray we REMEMBER- He overcame!!!

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