Round 2: IVF

Yesterday March 28 Dave and I made our way to Center for Women’s Imaging at Vanderbilt 100 Oaks for the baseline ultrasound.  This first ultrasound is a pretty big deal.  If this ultrasound shows any cysts or any other problems the entire cycle is canceled until a later date when those problems have resolved.   It’s a bit nerve racking even at this point so early in the cycle because we’ve already invested ourselves in going forward with it.  I’ve already taken several oral and injectable medications and it’s just mentally exhausting to have to think we would have to stop when we’ve mentally prepared ourselves to move forward.  I arrived at Vanderbilt first to have some baseline blood levels drawn.  Then Dave arrived to meet up with me for the ultrasound.  We finally get called back and they proceeded with the ultrasound- the tech spent a good 15 minutes taking pictures and clicking buttons on her machine never saying a word to us.  I’ve seen this done multiple times now but I still don’t exactly know what they’re looking at or seeing.   She finally finishes and tells us the radiologist has to read it.   I was slightly frustrated because that’s the whole reason Dave came was to provide moral support when we found out if we could proceed with the IVF cycle.  We left with no answers so I headed to work waiting for a phone call most of the day to hear back from them.  Luckily we were busy at work and I didn’t think about it too much.  At 4pm, I had still not heard from the doctor so I had Dave call and get some answers.  Because this cycle is different in that we will be traveling to Colorado for the final stages of the cycle, all of my results have to be faxed over to their office and then they call me.  It’s a lot of little steps.  

Dave took the information down from our IVF nurse in Colorado and they said we could move forward.  The ultrasound didn’t appear to have any cysts or any other problem areas.  We will fly to Denver on April 3 to proceed with the rest of my monitoring prior to the egg retrieval and then embryo transfer.  I am so excited!   I prayed today for peace and whatever the outcome was of the ultrasound it was in God’s hands.  I feel ready to move forward and go to Denver.  We are praying for our little miracle to happen soon!  We’ll keep you posted as we arrive to Denver and how the monitoring is going.  Please continue to pray for a miracle baby for us.  Our faith in God has gotten us through this all but your prayers continue to give us hope, strength, and encouragement to press on.  Thank you! 

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