Blood drawn today for the Clomid Challenge test.  FSH and Estradiol to check levels pre-clomid.  Then I'll get blood drawn again on Nov 22 once I finish Clomid.  So I start Clomid tomorrow and will take it Day 5-9.  Then we'll recheck FSH and pray I respond good to Clomid.  Then we'll proceed with IUI the day after Thanksgiving. 
             It's so funny because every month I plead with God and tell him why this would be the perfect month for us.
And of course I"m already pleading with him for this month because we would find out right before Christmas and we could let our families know and everything- it would be the best Christmas gift ever.   And we would basically conceive on Thanksgiving- 2 very special days.  Oh and I must add this too Lord because I know you're listening- the baby would be due in the month of August which would be perfect because no one in my family right now has an August birthday- my grandfather did but he is no longer with us.  I just think it would be really neat to have a child with a birthday in a different month than everyone else in our family.  Not to mention Dave is June, I'm July, and then our babies would be August.   Yes, I said babies;  I'm really believing that God is going to give us multiples.  I just have this gut feeling, and I could be totally wrong but I hope I'm right.  Dave and I talk about twins often.  Triplets would be a bit much but I know we could do it-together we could do it.  I remember one Sunday in Preschool we had 12 between the 2 of us.  12 10 month olds running around- we had so much fun.  I remember looking over at Dave as we were counting and making sure we had them all - and saying we could have this many you know?   It was funny then- I didn't know we would be on Clomid with a real possiblity of multiples.  It's different now- it could really happen. 
               I'm torn between posting this blog now and or waiting until after we find out in December.  The reason being is because I really loved having the support and prayer of many friends this month, but it was hard to tell everyone it didn't work.  You feel like you have to keep telling people and it makes it seem like an even bigger failure.   Well, I think for now I"m going to draft this and then I will post it out later to share.    A big part of me still wants to suprise everyone.  Even after about 2  years I still want to surprise people. 

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