Well, I officially started my period today.  I can't say I'm that suprised, but I was trying to remain hopeful.  I mean looking back I think I did go in too early and possibly there were no follicles to fertlize the day of IUI.  Dave's out of town and so I'm sulking all by myself.  I texted him today and told him the news.  I wish he were here to hold me and let me cry in his arms.  He understands and knows what I've gone through.    I was sad that I won' t be able to tell him when he gets home that he will be a dad.  I had it all planned out to take a sign to the airport when I pick him up Sunday that says YOU"RE GOING TO BE A DAD and wear a Mommy to be shirt.   He would have gone crazy.  I played the whole thing out in my mind- --  He would see me and read the sign and then run up to me and we would hug and the whole airport would be applauding.  But it's not going to happen that way, so I'll just have to come up with something else.  Something even better when it does happen. 
             So, my hope turns to next month.  Dave and I have decided to go for it again.  It's probably going to cost more money this time because we have decided to go ahead with the ultrasound and a trigger shot.  I called NFC today to tell them my period had started and I spoke with the nurse about plans for this month.  I am going to start Clomid days 5-9.  I will have my blood drawn this coming Monday prior to starting Clomid and then again after completing Clomid.  Dr. CW wants to check my FSH and Estradiol levels - it's called a Clomid Challenge Test).  Crazy doctor did a Lupron challenge test which apparently nobody does anymore except him.  So, she wants to do this test and then we'll still proceed with IUI.
             I have an appt. to go in Nov 23 for an ultrasound.  Since I"m due to ovulate on Nov 26, she will see how the ultrasound looks Nov 23 and then that night I will probably give myself a trigger shot to induce ovulation and then we will proceed with IUI on Nov 26. T his works out good because I already had taken off for Thanksgiving since we usually travel to Dave's grandparents.  I'm sad that we will not be going but Dave made the decision to stay here so we could proceed with IUI.  I didn't want to take that time away with his family, but he feels like this is a priority right now and I am so thankful to have his support and understanding through this. 
           Maybe we'll get a really nice Christmas present- if it works this month we'll find out before Christmas.  I can only hope that is God's plan.  It would be a Christmas I would never forget and by far the best

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