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Thursday are my day off, but really Thursdays have become doctor day for me, because I usually end up in some doctor's office-lol.  It's slightly humorous, but believe me I'll be glad when I am not frequently visiting the doctor for this.   Today was one of those Thursdays- It started off with a visit to NFC.  After talking with them yesterday about  trying a cycle with a  bit more aggressive medicine or an FSH med (follicle stimulating hormone) drug similar to what I used when we did IVF.  They got back to me yesterday after getting it approved from the doctor and said we could go forward with an IUI with Folistim (FSH med).  However I would have to come in today for a baseline ultrasound to make sure there were no cysts present from the last cycle.  I didn't think anything of it because I've never had cysts from prior cycles and have definitely never had a problem with overstimulating from the medications.  Usually the problem for me is not stimulating enough. 

I went in this morning and the ultrasound tech informs me that I have a cyst on my right ovary.  I just laid there like you've got to be kidding me.  I almost didn't believe her because like I said it's not like me to get a cyst from Clomid.   I've been on much stronger medication and have never had a problem.  The tech left the room and told me to come out when I was ready so they could discuss it with the doctor.  As soon as she walked out of the room, I began to cry.  All I could think to myself was there's always something.  Part of the downs with infertility are receiving bad news, but for Dave and I, it has always helped us to have a next step in mind.  This was our next step and I felt like she was taking it away.  

I finally came out of the room and sat in the waiting area as I waited for the nurse to come tell me if the Dr. felt ok proceeding with the IUI and medication even though I had a cyst.  The nurse came out and told me they would draw an estrogen level on me and make sure the level was low- if the level came back low they would proceed with the IUI and medication, but if it came back high, then we would have to wait.   My hope returned as I began praying for a low Estrogen level.  She told me she would call me later this afternoon.  Finally around 230 I got a call from the nurse who confirmed my level was only 42. She said they like it to be under 80 to proceed with FSH medications.  So, here we go.  I will begin Folistim Saturday evening thru Tuesday evening and then return to the doctor Wednesday AM for an ultrasound.  At that time, we will see what follicles are developing and when to trigger ovulation for another IUI.  

For now, I'm enjoying this beautiful fall day we have here in Nashville.  It's 'absolutely gorgeous outside.  
Meditating on God's word:  Psalm 138:3:  
When I pray you answer me; you encourage me by giving me the strength I need.  
9/16/2011 09:41:55 am

ok! i'm praying. *hugs*

9/19/2011 03:54:39 am

I love that song, its so encouraging. Praying for peace for you and your husband while you prepare for this procedure.

1/26/2012 11:52:17 pm

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3/22/2012 05:35:34 pm

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3/30/2012 05:46:18 am

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