October 10 Dave and I drove to Indiana.  It’s always fun going home, but this trip there were several good things to head home for. My mom and sister Christine threw us a fabulous baby shower.  We were surrounded by family, friends, old neighbors, mom’s co-workers, and even a few of my college friends drove hours to be there.  It was wonderful!  We also got to celebrate my mom’s birthday while we were home.  And, we got to meet the newest addition to our family and first niece – Isabelle.   

MIt was an amazing weekend.  We are so blessed to have such a supportive family.  They have done so much for us already throughout this journey and the baby shower was such a great time to celebrate with everyone who has been praying for us.  My mom and sister put a lot of work into the day as all the dishes and desserts were homemade.  Everything was delicious.  My mom also had some super fun games for us to play.   Avery was spoiled with tons of clothes and other baby items!!!  It’s so much fun to celebrate her life and the miracle she truly is.

This song (youtube) at the bottom can't describe better how I feel now looking back on God's mighty presence of our journey to where we are. Praise the Lord for his constant presence, goodness, and sovereignty. Don't ever doubt Him even when you can't feel Him or see Him when you're walking through a tough time, He's always there. Always. Praise Him for our little miracle and praise Him simply for who He is. 

My niece Isabelle
Having fun at the shower.

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