July 11, 2010 - Waiting for you!
Today Dave and I had nursery.  It was great as always- we enjoy those kids so much.  I feel like some of them are my own- as we have watched them go from 8 months old to now almost 2 yr old.  It's amazing how much they change and learn.  And I discipline them like my own for sure- some of them look for trouble.  After nursery Dave and I decided to go to service for worship and then head out since we are prepping for the party tonight.  When we walked into service, we sat behind our old neighbors from when we lived at the town house.  I wasn't paying much attention and didn't even see them, and Dave whispered to me- are they pregnant in front of us?  My heart sank, I didn't even want to look up to see who it was he was talking about- I just couldn't hanlde it.  So I did - and it was our old neighbors- and she was showing pretty good.  Of course then we had to sing this song that made me tear up.  But God gave me a verse at that time during service that reminded me He is God.  

      Psalm 73:26- My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak,
                         but God remains the strength of my heart;
                         he is mine forever. 
Christine emailed me today - she has been such an encouragement to me and I wanted to post her email in her...........

 I just wanted to say Im praying for you! I know you and Dave have been praying without ceasing for a baby. I can't say that I understand the longing or the frustrations that go along with trying. I have been begging God to give you my ability to conceive and to make you a joyful mother of children! I know you are sick of hearing stay faithful and it will happen all in God's timing. Thats annoying and doesnt really help... only makes you wonder why God is taking so long. Just know that Im praying for you and I know in my heart that I will be an aunt someday...hopefully to twin girls! Im fasting Wednesday and this will be one of my top prayers for the day. I love you!
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