Today's appointment went well.  We are very close to triggering ovulation.    I just got the call from the nurse though who reported Estrogen level which is still slowly creeping and currently at 797. They still would like this to be at 1000, so that means no triggering tonight.   

Follicle Sizing:
(1) 20.3mm
(1) 17.3mm
(1) 16.4mm

Estrogen level:  797  (they want this near 1000) 
Uterine Lining:  8.3mm  ( Yes, one of the ultrasound techs had told us 14mm a few days ago- which apparently was way off.  But above 8mm is good)

Plan:  Tonight I will go back down to 300iu of Gonal-F, 2 vials of Menopur, and 1 injection of Cetrotide.  That's 3 injections in my poor tummy.  Not looking forward to that but the doctor thinks this will help me finish stimulating and reach 1000 by tomorrow morning.  Since I've run out of meds again Dave and I will be heading back to Todd's pharmacy before they close today to pick more up.  And then hopefully we will trigger for sure tomorrow.  I feel like it keeps getting delayed but we want to do what's best for those eggs growing in there!!!

My nurse told me today any follicle over 15mm by the time we trigger ovulation is usually a mature egg.   That was encouraging to hear!  We should have 3 mature eggs to retrieve when the time comes.  I pray that these are super, healthy, perfect eggs and that they all fertilize perfectly and continue to grow miraculously inside of me.  Those 3 little eggs growing in there are so precious to us already.  We have worked very hard to get them to where they are.  

Thank you for your prayers- I slept through the night last night without any arm or leg pain- this is truly an answered prayer because I have not been sleeping well due to pretty significant arm and leg pain (they suspect a side effect of the medications).  It has been keeping me up and literally just makes me lay there thinking about everything even more which is not good.  It was soooo good to get a good night's rest.  I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go this morning.  

A good friend shared with me a very simple but good prayer to pray as we are going through this.....
We know you can God, but we ask that you will.   
Her and her husband are also going through the infertility journey as well.   I love the simplicity of this prayer- We know God is capable, He is all-powerful and He is capable of performing miracles.  What we pray for is that He will bring this miracle into our lives, that He will allow it to happen for us. 
We pray Lord that you will give us the gift of a beautiful healthy baby! 


Dave and I went to the Rock for lunch today.  It was pretty good.  

4/9/2012 12:21:58 pm

I am praying with y'all :
"We know you can God, but we ask that you will."
I will also share this with my prayer warrior friends!


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