This morning I went for my first monitoring visit since I have started the Gonal-F (FSH) injections.  I was anxiously awaiting this appt. to find out if I am responding.    So, they drew another estradiol level today and then did another vaginal ultrasound.  It was interesting because I laid down for the vaginal ultrasound and the ultra sound tech handed me a clipboard to record her findings.  I found this a little odd but wanted to get out of there to get to work, so I went along with it. 
So, here were the findings:
Right ovary- 1 follicle 10x14 
                           1 follicle < 10
Left ovary:  2 follicles < 10

Well, when I left I didn't know what this actually meant.  So then I had to wait til later in the day to check my mailbox.  Finally at 3 pm I got a chance to check it and the messages was...
You're estradiol level is 127 and we want you to increase your Gonal -F to 300 u twice daily instead of 225.  So now, instead of mixing 3 vials, I have to mix 4 vials.  It's a very large dose.  This was a little disappointing because this means I'm not responding well enough with the previous dose.  It makes me worried that  won't have enough follicles.  However, I know that God can work with just one to create baby and I know that it's in his hands. 

Friday morning is my next check up.  I will keep you posted.  Until then, it's more injections...................

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