Tonight at bible study- a friend of mine announced that she was 9 weeks prego.  It totally caught me off guard tonight.   And then she announced that it was a total surprise-Valentine's baby.  This makes the news even harder for someone who's been purposeful in trying for  oh 16 months or so.  I'm so happy for them , but somehow each time I find out about someone- I feel this pity party for myself and begin to wonder when it will happen for us.  Will everyone be pregnant around me before me?  A different friend of mine is going through the same thing, only she's been married twice as long.  Just knowing she is going through it brings me encouragement.  I am amazed at her patience.  She has such a desire to be a mommy and I so love that her spirit is still so gentle about the whole thing.  It helps me realize how inpatient I am.  She's an amazing woman of God and I find hope just knowing she is going through it too!  

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