40 weeks!
So our little girl’s official due date came and went on January 3.   We were 100% sure this was her due date due to IVF and knowing the exact day she was conceived in that little petri dish.  There were no doubts that it was exactly 40 weeks on Jan 3.  Thursday, Jan 3- my official due date I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  This was the same at our 39 wk check as well.  This visit he also hooked me up to the monitor to check her heart rate and to make sure she is not in any distress.  The monitor showed she had a perfect heart rate even with my contractions so he was happy to let her be and we are ok with not inducing at this time.  Because I really want to go natural, I am trying to avoid induction as this process usually worsens contractions and pushes women more into an epidural due to the intensity of the contractions.  I also fear that if we rush her unnecessarily it will not go well.  So, as long as she is doing well in there, we’re going to give her a little extra time and pray she comes soon on her own!  

Although we were sad to her due date pass and her not arrive, we are still anxiously awaiting her arrival.  At this point, she seems quite content in the womb.  She’s in no hurry to get out into this crazy world.  It’s been hard waiting but if we have learned anything in this entire process from God- it’s patience, so once again we get to practice this lovely character trait.  As the days pass, our anticipation and excitement build even more. 

The term nesting was funny to me early on in pregnancy.  I think I nested the entire pregnancy as we’ve been prepping her nursery, washing her clothes, making her things for her room, etc.  But it was not until this past week, I think I truly understand what that word means.  I have gone a little stir crazy nesting while we wait.  Although I have worked up to this point, I decided to make Jan 4 my last day until after I return from maternity leave.  As a nurse in a pediatric clinic especially this time of year- there is very little sitting or resting during my day.  I’ve been doing well, but with a little extra weight to me these days and my body not quite up to normal speed, the days become quite long and tiring.  I worked beyond my due date and most of my patients and co-workers are impressed I worked that long.   It’s hard for me to stop working as I feel ok, but I think it’s best at this point for my body and for my baby for me to rest these last few days knowing she will come out in a few days either on her own or with assistanceJ. 

With this extra time on our hands, Dave and I have done even more projects for our little girl.  Dave recently made a window valance for her room, we made a bow holder for her headbands and bows, and I’ve entered into the world of sewing.  This sewing hobby couldn’t have come at a better time as it occupies hours of my time without me even thinking about the fact that I am over 40 wk pregnant.   She might have an entire wardrobe if she doesn't hurry.  Not to mention the bows I've been making for her too! I've even made her a Notre Dame outfit to wear Monday night for the championship game if she is here.  I made a deal with her that she had to be here by the game since I made her an outfit, she's got less than 24 hours - we'll see.   Dave and I joke that Avery is holding back to see how much more we’ll do for her before she comes out- she’s a smart little girl already!

We are enjoying spoiling her and she’s not even here but can’t wait to spoil her once she arrives.  Praying we get to meet our sweet baby girl in just a few days.

Bow & Headband holder made by mommy and daddy.
She already has a collection of bows and headbands.
Avery's take home outfit made by mommy.
Window Valance made by Daddy

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