Dave and I got an appt. this morning with Dr. V.  We were excited they had told us 730am and since we're heading home after the appt. we wanted an early appt.  Well, they called back and told us they could only do a 10am.  So, 10 am we go in and our a little anxious to finally go over all the results we've been waiting on.  I thought it would be a quick appt. but it wasn't.  We were there over 2 hours in his office. 
            He pulls out our chart and begins to go over our test results.  First, Dave- your semen analysis is not good- although the count is good, the motility is lacking.  Very few sperm have good motility. This was quite a shocker-  we had this done over 1 year ago and it was fine.  How could it be otherwise?  Well, this test is more specific and catches more than the other lab you had it done at.  Oh, well, now's a fine time to learn this after I have now had surgery thinking I was the one with the problem.  Seriously, if we would have known it was Dave- we may have taken a different approach much sooner.  This was very disheartening.  But it doesn't stop there- it gets worse.  On to Karen- your ovarian reserve is horrible- you have the body of a 40 yr old woman.  Your ovarian reserve should be much higher than it is for a 28 yr old woman.  You also did not respond to the Lupron shot we gave you to stimulate your body to react.  Oh yes, and all that bloodwork we ran showed us that you are not immune to Rubella and this could potentially harm your child- do you want to get the MMR vaccine today?  If we give it to you, you cannot get pregnant within the next 3 months.  Really- you're going to tell me would have to postpone even longer- forget it.  I signed the waiver to forego the vaccine at this time.    Which made me feel awful because I can't understand why parents choose not to vaccinate their children and have them sign the refusal form.
         After receiving all of this news- we're just sitting there shell shocked.  What do you say to all this.  Somehow I was not crying yet.  I figured he had a plan and would fix it all.  So he proceeds- we're going to start Dave on some vitamin E, cardiotek, and folic acid.  This will help the motility of the sperm.   And for you, I 'm going to start you on prenantal vitamins, folic acid, and birth control and 120 mg of aspirin daily. Asprin- why do I need asprin?  Because the birth control can cause DVT's (blood clots) - great.  That Birth control- What?  Aren't we trying to get pregnant?  Now you're going to give me birth control to prevent us from getting pregnant.  Are we going backwards now?  I can't go backwards- we must go forward.  Please help us go forward.  
              So then he goes on to say- the birth control will help give my body rest until we proceed with a round of IUI.  Finally a word I had been waiting for.  IUI- we are moving forward folks.  So, we will plan on going forward with IUI in November and for the next couple weeks you will take your vitamins, and birth control and then we'll go ahead with hormone injections and then we'll stimulate ovulation with a trigger shot and finally do IUI.  This all sounded good.  The injections make me nervous- don't get me wrong, but I was excited to move forward.  So today before we leave the office- he wants to redo the cultures since I only have a few days left of antxb and redo the Lupron challenge test to make sure the lab results are accurate- since our results were so bad.    So that was the plan..........
                So we exit his office and go into Reba's office- she takes care of insurance and financing.  This is where the morning just went to awful.    Reba is great- she knows her stuff and is very helpful in helping us find out what path we need to take.  So, she goes on to say that the hormone injection he has chosen for me to take before IUI is very expensive.  While we're sitting in her office- she calls insurance and they tell her it's not covered.  And the total cost to us just for the injections alone- $7600.  What?  She's like- this is the most expensive injection and he has you on such a high dose.  So basically I would have to take 10 ampules/day in an injection form.  The highest dose is 12 ampules.  Wow.  That is a high dose  Apparently he chose such a high dose in hopes that it will work since my body isn't doing what it's supposed to.  So, Reba said she would begin calling pharmacies to see if she could find one to cover it.  So some hope was restored- but highly doubtful there is one that will cover it.  The IUI procedure in itself is only $700- not bad.  But then you put into the cost of that the medication and it completely changes things.  So, we asked her how much IVF would cost and she said $16,000. Whew.  I just sat there feeling like this was all out of reach.  Just to have a kid- how far are we supposed to go?  And what aggravated me most was the appt. prior to this one we were told that IVF and IUI were 100% covered.  It didn't sound right - but we believed what they told us and figured we would be aggressive with any treatments until the end of the year when Dave's insurance changes.  Well, that all changed as of today.  Now we must figure out how we're going to pay for this and further more if we even feel like this is God's plan.  The questions keeps coming to mind- how far are we supposed to go?  
                Roadblocks keep popping up along the way and it just seems like at this point- we're stuck.  We're not moving forward.  Yes, we're taking vitamins, and doing bloodwork and labs and stuff- but actually doing someting to get me pregnant is not happening.  
              The Lupron Challenge test was canceled as well because Reba told us since I had just had it done a few weeks ago- insurance wouldn't cover it again.  So, we would have to pay $400 out of pocket to repeat it.  We decided to forego the repeat at this time.  So, aside from the awful news we got today, we did repeat the cultures.  After the repeat was done- we left- now a 7 hr drive home.  Plenty of time to go over what he just told us and what we're going to do.  And 6 prescriptions in hand to pick up at the pharmacy- which will have to pick up in Valpo while wer'e home. 

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