One down, one to go. - Waiting for you!
I completed my first antibiotic and now on to the second one.  I will begin tomorrow.  Hopefully this month won't be a total wash and we can get into the office before I ovulate so we can possibly do a treatment this month.  I have no idea what he's going to say, but it would be nice to get some kind of idea what he's thinking.  Answers- all I want is some answers.  No more test, no more medicine, no more waiting- somebody give me an answer.  So, the next 14 days we'll be on our second antxb.  And this one is worse because it's 4x/day.  The Cipro was not bad but it gave me horrible leg cramps.  I've never had cramps that bad in my legs before.   My friend has them bad right now but she is pregnant- which makes sense.  I'm obviously not pregnant- so I'm not sure why I have them.  Maybe it's contagious or something. 
        14 days from tomorrow when I begin the antitiotic will be October 10.  Right now we have an appt with Dr. V on Oct 14 since we can't go in until our test results report.  And the one supposedly takes 3 weeks.  If by chance it reports sooner- we will go in Oct 7 before we leave for home.  I'm hoping this is the case so we will have some news before the wknd going home.    I am due to ovulate Oct 28 or so, so we could possibly do something before October ends.  I just keep thinking 3 months- we have October, November and December before the end of the year and insurance changes.  Dave will find out in October what his new insurance plan covers.  Hopefully they cover infertility like it does now.  We can only pray it does.    But maybe we won't need to worry about it at that time.  Maybe I'll be pregnant by the end of the year.    Do Lord oh do Lord oh do remember us. 

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