So, Dave and I woke up early this morning.  Not the reason most people were waking up early this morning- on Black Friday.  We were waking up to go to the doctor for IUI.  Dave got up early enough to stop at Target before his Dr. appt.  We had our eyes on a new Nikon camera, since mine is basically broken.  So he picked that up before he went on to the doctor.  His appt. was scheduled for 8am and then I went in at 930.  I stopped by McDonald's since I was anxious and left early.  I ate my breakfast and got to the office about 915.  I walked in excited to go ahead with the IUI and much more confident this time that it will work.  I know last month the timing was off and I didn't know if I even had follicles.  So this month I feel much better about it.   
                   It was weird walking in because the parking garage was almost completely empty.  Of course being Black Friday most the offices were closed and there were def. no surgeries scheduled.  I walked across the walkway to get to the office and felt like I was the only crazy person there.  When I walked into the office, there were a few other couples sitting there waiting.   The waiting room was freezing- I think they had turned the heat off expecting nobody to be there.  I signed in and then sat down.  I was so cold I was shaking.    I probably waited 10 minutes before I was called back.  I always scan the waiting room and check out the other couples.  I wonder what their story is and how long they've been trying.  Even though I don't know them at all, I know we share something that a lot of other people will never understand or have to go through.  I was relieved when I got called back.  I had a different nurse this time and she was very perky and positive.  I asked her if I should get an ultrasound and she was like if you did the ovadril shot you're ready to go.  I said ok.  The procedure was done in minutes and I laid there for my 20 minutes listening to the timer tick.  My mind wonders to a thousand places while I'm lying there- this time I prayed for our twins.  God knows what I want to name them and everything.  I tried to remain positive.  I can picture their faces and know what we'll call them.  I imagined us telling our parents and suprising them at Christmas time.  I imagined worshiping on Christmas Day and crying during the whole service praising God for the miracle he has given to us.  I believe it's going to happen. 
              Dave  and I like referring to the babies.  I was tired today and I said these babies are wearing me out.  And Dave will randomly refer to the baby and I have to remind him it's babies-lol.  We'll def. enjoy this two weeks of hoping and wishing and praying for our babies.  Of course the two week wait can be agonizing too because it seems a lot longer then 2 weeks when you're waiting for such a life changing answer.  I have to wait the full two weeks this month because the ovadril shot can cause false positive pregnancy test.   And I don't want to put myself through thinking I'm pregnant and then it be a false positive.  So the countdown begins- 14 days from today will be Dec 10.  I can do it.  Lord help me believe this is the month.

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