Today was our big day., the day we've been waiting for.   Dave and I arrived at the clinic at 9am for my blood work (estradiol level).   Then we headed upstairs for me to receive acupuncture prior to transfer.   Once my acupuncture was over, I remained in the same room for transfer.  The doctor came in and went over our embryos and Dave and I got to look at them on the screen.  It’s so amazing to see the lives we created- those little embryos are a part of each of us and to me htat is .     We had 2 embryos to transfer today.  One embryo was 4 cells and one embryo was 5 cells.  Although they really like for them to be between 6-10 cells on a day 3 transfer, the doctor said they looked to be good quality and with little fragmentation.

 So, now the real wait begins.  We have a few weeks before we’ll know If our little ones have implanted.   There’s no way to predict the outcome based on the embryos because they’ll tell you, they’ve seen 4 and 5 cells implant and 6-10 cells not, so even though the higher number of cells is usually favorable, no one really knows.  It’s up to God, as we know.  We’re rooting for our little ones to pull through and hope that now they’re inside me they’ll take off in growth and divide rapidly.  

For now the process is over until our confirmed pregnancy blood test in a few weeks.   Thanks for your support, encouragement, prayers, and love.  This is a long, hard journey but you have helped us reach the end and now we wait in expectation of God to grow these little ones up.

Baby Stanley 1 & 2
Joy Adams (Bowker)
4/18/2012 11:48:29 am

Sending lots of love and prayers from a fellow VHS grad!! - I came across your blog via your sister on Facebook. Praying for peace and contentment with the life God has planned for you (and of course, hoping that life involves lots of diapers and late-night feedings) :) Wishing you well from Illinois!


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