So today was a great day.  It's my older sister's birthday, and my 3rd nephew was born today- early this morning at 645am.  He's precious.  I can't wait to hold him next week.  He's got a full head of hair already. 
          So, I've been doing OPK's like crazy- I've never taken this many in such a short time period.  I was little anxious to get a positive today since I am off tomorrow and would love to go in tomorrow for the IUI.  Then I don't miss work and it's not a big ordeal trying to get off or come in late and then explain.  So, I took a few yesterday that all showed faint lines.  Again today they were faint.  Tomorrow is day 13 of my cycle which is usually when I ovulate.  I called NFC today and told the nurse I had two days of faint lines and had all the signs of ovulating but wasn't sure since Dr. CW told me it might be different due to the clomid I took.  She said we should get you in  tomorrow for your IUI.  So Dave is scheduled for 9 am to give his sample and then they will wash the semen and pick out all the good sperm.  Then I arrive at 1030am to get the sperm placed inside of me in hopes that they connect with my eggs.     I'm afraid tomorrow might be too early since I haven't gotten a true strong LH surge.  And of course reading online they say the highest chance is the day of ovulation which is the day after you get the LH surge.  So if I get my surge tomorrow- we will be a day early.  Well, I can't stress about it- if it's meant to be it's meant to be. 
            I've been praying all week on my way to work.  All the while realizing how truly amazing this whole procedure really is- because even with the intricate timing of everything- ultimately it is God who is going to get us pregnant and it's his hand on this that will make it work, not anything else.  So, I have to trust tomorrow is the day and go foward and pray hard that it works.  I can't stop the smile on my face when I even think that in 2 weeks I could find out I'm pregnant which absolutely thrills me. 
9/22/2012 07:47:48 pm

If a woman on the eve of the symptoms of ovulation then it is the best time to get pregnant.


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