Today Dave and I met with the congregational care minister at church.  We felt like it would be beneficial to speak with someone who could provide us with some spiritual guidance and wisdom while making such big decisions.  We weren't exactly sure what to expect when we arrived, but Ken was very nice and made us feel at ease.  The last time Dave and I were in the pastoral offices of our church  was for our marriage counseling.   

We didn't meet for long, in fact I think we talked with him for about 25 minutes.  We were able to express all our concerns, fears, worries, and questions.  He  in return was able to provide us with a totally new perspective that neither one of us had considered.  Ken challenged us to think about things:  such as.............if God provides us with the means financially to go ahead with IVF and we decide not to do it, are we denying a life that God wanted.    As we got into the number of embryos to be fertilized and freezing embryos for future use and how we go about that or if we discard embryos is that abortion.    We told him we were both against that and didn't want to do that if we were destroying life.  However, Ken made us look at it a whole new way- he said I think that  even if you fertlize all the eggs and several do mature that we could implant, you are simply choosing life - that embryo that is chosen wouldn't have been a life if we didn't choose to implant it.  He said I wouldn't look at it as denying life to the other embryos but that you're choosing to give life to one.  He also gave us a peace about freezing embryos if we have any left.  He said in a few years if you want to have another child, you probably aren't going to want to pour your time, energy, and finances into this process again by starting over if you have the option to freeze embryos and skip to the implantation process. 

When we left the church, Dave and I felt such a peace come over us.  It was like God knew we needed to speak with someone who could offer us some insight into what we're going through and help us see things a different perspective on the whole thing.  I think we feel at peace about the procedure and feel more definitive in our dec

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