Yesterday I went in for my ultrasound- we've got one very nice looking follicle measuring a good size and one lagging just behind it.  The doctor said I was ready to be triggered so they gave me my Ovidrel shot and was told to come back today for the IUI.  I got a strong positive test last night that I am definitely ovulating, so we're ready to do this thing:)   

The procedure will take p lace at 1130am today. If you think of us please say a prayer.  

My positive ovulation test. We're ready!!!!
9/2/2011 07:59:31 am

yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! i'm praying.

9/3/2011 10:32:48 am

Praying for you today! Hoping that we'll soon have a new little neighbor to ooooh and aaaaah over!


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