Well, I got a positive OPK today at work and confirmed when I got home from work.  It was very positive- so here it goes for this month.  At bible study tonight Sam asked me why I had the surgery done and hesitantly I explained the bad cramping and possible endometriosis- the history of pain with my periods.  However, I felt like I was lying and knowing that she is also trying I felt led to speak with her after bible study.  It's such a comfort being able to share with others, at the same time, I still don't want to tell the world our story- not yet.  Anyways, I did get to talk with her and share a little of what was going on and why I really did the surgery.  I was encouraged to know they are also trying and not been successful yet.  It really does make this whole thing easier walking through it with others that understand exactly where you're at and what you're going through.  
          On Saturday night, another dear friend of mine and I had a long discussion about our ''trying".  The efforts, the sadness, the tests, etc.  It was so good to laugh, share, and be honest about this journey God has us on. And although we're at diff. stages of the journey - we share a bond, a bond that only you can understand if you're going through it.  I'm so encouraged to be able to have these girls to talk with now.  I know that in time God will have me share our story with more, but for now, I praise God for friends that understand and can provide me encouragement, hope, and understanding through this.  I pray that we can all walk through this together and that I can be of encouragment to them as well.  I pray that we can all share the wonderful blessing of a child together one day and look back on this time and smile knowing God worked it all out in his timing.  None of know what is ahead or when the day will arrive that we will get that positive pregnancy test, but I assure you we will be overjoyed for each other.  That's what sisters in Christ are for afterall.  I may be sharing their sadness and frustration right now, but I feel like when their day comes and they find out they are pregnant, I will be just as excited for them as I would be for myself, knowing what it took to get them there, and being able to share that with them.  Praise you Lord, for you are so good.

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