Today was a hard day.  We went to lunch with Sunday school class and since one couple has announced their exciting news of having a baby, it seemed to be the whole lunch discussion.  Other couples talking about the possibility of getting pregnant in the next year.  My heart just sinks and I think- are we really going to be last?  How did we start out to be one of the first, and now we're slowly becoming close to the last couple not having a baby.  It's not a race, but it just seems unfair- they didn't have to try this hard or this long.  It just happened for them.  Facebook is worse- every time I go on that thing- I find more high school or college people that are getting pregnant.  It literally seems like everyone is pregnant right now, except us of course. 
       Wednesday we have an Nashville Fertility clinic to meet with the doctor.  I am looking forward to it and hope to get some answers or at least a plan.  I need some hope.  I need to know that it can happen. 

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