The past week we've been "trying".  I detected my LH surge April 27 and April 28.  Christine is saying this is our miracle month and I won't even need to have the surgery.  I want to believe her, but it's hard. 
       Dave's family is coming to visit us Mother's Day weekend, which happens to be the time my period is due.  So if this is our miracle month, we'll be finding out right when they get here.  We'll see. 
   We've had a lot of sex this week and of course I woke up this AM with horrible abdominal pain and bloody urine.  UTI. You guessed it.  Lucky me.  I called the doc today and she called in an antibiotic.  Of course I was stressing out and called Dr. Lucas's office to make sure the antibiotic would in no way mess up the possibility of having the surgery done May 14 if my period works with us, I mean if it comes.  Of course now I feel like the antbiotic will somehow mess my period up and cause it to come late and therefore - mess up the chance for surgery this month.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm not supposed to have the surgery done- should it be this hard to schedule.   I do hope God is delaying it on purpose because I am pregnant.  I do hope and pray.

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