Ok, so I got on this miracle month thing and anxiousy took a pregnancy test today and well, it was negative.  Perhaps I just tested too early, but I was really believing that it would be positive.  I prayed on my way home that it would be positive.  My period isn't actually due for another 6 days, so I suppose it could be too early. 
    I was even pscyhed up on my way home, because I felt weird today- felt slightly nauseous at one point, and then couldn't eat anything - I would take a bite and then feel full like blah. 
    I've discovered that the clearblue brand- which is supposed to detect pregnancy a whole 6 days early is not my kind of test.  I'll tell you why.  It's bad enough to not see the double line on a cheapo pregnancy, but it's worse to see NOT PREGNANT. It's like it's staring back at you and laughing- hahaha- you're not pregnant again.  For real, when a pregnancy test is talking to you, you've got problems or you've taken way too many.  AH!  Seriously, I think I'm going to ban myself from taking the ones that actually say that- I can deal with one line but words are just too much these days. 

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