Well, we're almost to the one week mark.  This week at work has been ok.  I feel so tired quickly and by the end of the day I'm beat.  Of course our schedule doesn't allow for rest-lol.  I've had something every night this week including bunco with the laides and a bachelorette party- that I think I'll be skipping out on so I can just stay home and rest. 
   Everyday has gotten better.  I think my scar on my belly button bothers me most- it feels hard and I don't like touching it.  For some reason it grosses me out- I could never be a surgeon I have learned.  The other two scars don't seem to bother me much.   I am still a little sore, but have stopped taking all tylenol and motrin.  Eating is still not the most appealing to me.  I have the desire to eat, and then I take a bite and blah- my tummy says- no.  Somehow I have not managed to lose any weight- seriously- how do you not eat for 4 days and then eat half of what you used to and still weigh the same- this I do not understand.  Oh well.
          Making love is still a little scary to me.  The location of the scars and where I am sore make me very hesitant to get back into it.  I know that it will be fine, but I just don't want to have bad pain or rush into it.  We're hoping to start "trying" come Friday when I ovulate.  I will begin testing tommorrow. 
         I'm closing with my current favorite song by Amy Grant:  Better than a Hallelujah.  It's so encouraging and it reminds me that God takes even our miseries and turns them into melodies.  Amen.  Thank you God that you can turn my pain, sorrows, and grief into melodies. 

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