So I have to laugh at the early pregnancy symptoms because I get these every month, and well, it doesn't turn out to be pregnancy for me. I think someone needs to do a little review of these and rewrite them.   Let's review................... 

Abdominal Achiness- well, I have that all the time, so check
Appetite, Increased- Every month during a certain part of my cycle my appetite increases- so check.
Backache- do we even have to ask this one- it's a given.
Bloating- every month
Bloodshot Eyes- ocassionally yes.
Constipation- now this- I feel is def. worse this month.
Food Cravings and Aversions- well, ask Dave- I have food cravings all the time.  Although today I couldnt' eat much of anything without feeling full and nothing seemed to taste real good.
Forgetfulness- now this one gets me- everyone has episodes of this.
Headaches- daily.
Heartburn or Indigestion- ocassionally.
Heightened Sense of Smell-  My sense of smell is so good already, I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm pregnant.  Tonight at the gas station- the gas smelled really strong to me- and Dave didn't notice. 
Metallic Taste (Dysgeusia)- I swear one month I had this too!
Nausea (Morning Sickness)- now this is the only one I think I haven't lost faith in- because I have not ever had this. 
Pelvic Discomfort and Pressure- Assuming this is from my UTI
Urination, Frequent- UTI causes that.

Well, You can see the positive attitude I have about all of these, and moreso the firm belief in any of these symptoms that supposedly present during early pregnancy.  I have to say, not one of them would convince me esp. since after watching for these for this long and experiencing every one of them at least once- I 'm not sure I can say I have much faith in them.  I can honestly say, I have prayed for God wake me up one morning vomiting so I will know.  Give me a sure strong sign that I am pregnant.    I'm the only crazy person I know that is praying that she will wake up vomiting one morning.  What is wrong with me?  If I can rejoice in morning sickness, you know I'm ready for this.

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