Ready for trigger!!! - Waiting for you!
This morning was good.  It looks like my follicles have reached the right size and they feel ready to trigger ovulation.  Woohooo!  The time has come.  

Follicle Sizing:
(1) 21 mm
(2) 18mm
(1) 7mm

Uterine Lining: 10mm
Estrogen Level: over 1000

We only have 3 follicles but we're praying that these 3 are going to provide our little miracles of life.  I've been reading online that some women go under anesthesia and when they wake up they actually find out that they had a few more eggs retrieved than they had follicles.  I pray that this would be our scenario.   We pray the doctors are surprised by the number of eggs they retrieve - that they retrieve more then they were even expecting based on my follicles.  What a miracle that would be.  We're praying for many, many eggs to be found and all in excellent shape ready to be fertilized.
Here is a picture of what Dave and I get to see on the screen once the ultrasound is completed. So, the tech measures the follicles length and width and then takes the avg. of the follicle which is the number you see on the far right.  The numbers on the screen are in cm but follicles are recorded in mm which is what I've been recording on my blog.

The plan:
Tonight I will trigger ovulation.  
Medications:  Novarel-10pm, Lupron-11pm.  
I will take my last Dexamethasone tonight and my last Gonal-F.  Yeah!!!!
Tomorrow I will go in for blood work and repeat Lupron at 11am.  
And we are set up for retrieval at 9am for Thursday morning.   Very ready for this day to arrive!!!

Tonight we went out to some local shops and enjoyed walking around and eating some gelato!
A little too big for my style.
And this is why Dave here makes thins trip journey easier to go through- he's always making me laugh somehow.
Trying on hats at a local store.
Gelato at Paciugo's. Very good!

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