Retrieval Day

Dave and I arrived about 8 am this morning to CCRM for retrieval.  They prepped me and started my IV.  Then I met the anesthesiologist, doctor and other nurses that were going to be present during the procedure.  They rolled me back for the procedure at 9am.  The procedure only takes about 20 minutes total as they go in and try to retrieve all the eggs that are in there.  I woke up about 10 and shortly after we were greeted by the embryologist who reported they retrieved 4 eggs.  Yes- 4 EGGS!   1 more than they expected.  Praise God!!!

This is great news for us as last year they were only able to retrieve 3 eggs.  Now we wait for our fertilization report which should come tomorrow sometime around 12pm.   For now, our little embryos are being created and we’re praying for growth, division, and excellent development.   The embryologist said they typically hope for about 75% to fertilize, but again we’re going for miracles here so we are praying that they all fertilize and grow well.   We’re going for big results!!!!  Our little embryos need to begin to divide and reach 8 cells by Day 3.   They predict my transfer will be Sunday. 

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.   We’re so excited to report the first part of things has gone extremely well and we continue to ask for your BIG prayers!!!!  We're going for MIRACLES!!!!

Ready for retrieval!
Recovering from retrieval.
4/12/2012 07:01:51 am

Go big or go home, right?!?! Sending many prayers and lots of love your way!!


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