Ultrasound # 2 today 
4 follicles present:
1 at 13 mm
2 at 9mm
1 at 6mm

All on the right ovary- none on the left at this time- well, it's hard to say- she couldn't visualize the left ovary.  So, we don't really know.  Estradiol is rising as expected.  My body is not liking the drugs again this time as I am experiencing this weird numbness/pain in my extremities.  I am trying to ignore it as much as possible but this seems to be the hardest at night when I lay down to sleep.  It keeps me awake and makes it very hard to sleep.  Hoping these symptoms disappear soon as the next 10 days of these medications will seem very long. 

Our first appointment in Colorado is April 4 for another ultra sound and E2 level.  I will definitely keep you all posted.   We fly out tomorrow at 9am.  Dave and I are ready, excited, nervous, and praying without ceasing!!!   Thank you for your support and prayers while we are away.  We have felt so loved by everyone during this time- I can't tell you how much it means to us.  It makes this process seem easier with all the support we have surrounding us.  Thank you!
IVF Cycle #2 Meds.

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