So, I didn't think much more of the tingling and numbness I had the other night, until I've had constant tingling since that event.  It's this tightness to my arms.  More annoying than anything, but the more I searched internet (bad idea), I got more worried about a possible blod clot.  So, I called the doctor on call to discuss the concern I had.  He called back within 10 min to address my call.   He was very nice, but reassured me that he didn't think it was anything serious.  He said he would continue the doses tonight and since I had an appt in the morning to address the concern in the office tomorrow as well.  And to call if the symptoms worsened.  I told him being a nurse, I was worried about a clot and just wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong.  My blood pressure is normal, my pulses feel normal.  I don't have a bad headache, but my arms are seriously going crazy.  I've tried to stay distracted today but the pain/tingling did not subside.  I  am praying that I can make it through tonight and that I get good news tomorrow.  He mentioned that they could possibly change my medication, but being this late in the cycle, it was probably unlikely to even be able to get the medication.  His reccommendation was to continue tonight and we'll see how tomorrow goes.  My biggest fear today was that they cancel the cycle.  I just want this all to be over.

This morning was a hard morning.  I woke up and realized i had forgotten to take my dexamethasone pill last night.  Being at the wedding and being distracted, I forgot to take it with dinner.  I remembered the shots, but totally forgot to take the pill, even though I had it in my purse.  I blamed Dave for it somehow, and yelled at him that he didn't have to remember anything.  I began crying.  I think I was just due for a breakdown.  It was going to be triggered by something eventually.  I know that missing this pill is not the end of the world, but my mind is telling me that I've ruined everything now.  When you're going through this, you begin to think anything you do could make the whole cycle go wrong.  And missing a pill, happened to set me off thinking I probably screwed the whole thing up now.  In reality, it won't.  The pill is to help the embryos implant, and probably missing one pill is not going to do anything to affect that.    So, I will continue the pill tonight and move on.  There's nothing to do about it now.   

I just want to be through with this.  This whole process is so consuming.  The injections are not bad, but the constant worry, thought, and focus on it makes you lose your mind.  It's hard not to obsess over every decision you make wondering if it is affecting anything .............
like what i'm eating, drinking, what vitamins to take, should i dance, not working out, not lifting, etc.  You begin to question everything you're doing and if it's going to af

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