Sonohysterography Procedure - Waiting for you!
            Saline infusion sonohysterography refers to a procedure in which fluid is instilled into the uterine cavity transcervically to provide enhanced endometrial visualization during transvaginal ultrasound examination.  The technique improves sonographic detection of endometrial pathology, such as polyps, hyperplasia, cancer, leiomyomas, and adhesions.  Dr. Vasquez performed this on me today to take a good look at my uterine cavity as well as gather some cultures from my endometrium to make sure the cells are normal.  Dave and I arrived to the clinic and shortly thereafter I was called back.  I had to gown up, put on a hat, and botties before entering the procedure room.  I also had to empty my bladder.  The nurse Jan took me back and immediately gave me a valium and two shots in my bootie to help me relax- I think it was phenergan and toradol.  That stuff made me so relaxed - I could have cared a less what they were doing to me.  As scared as I was about the medicine - I'm glad they gave it to me.  It's nerveracking enough to have to lay there with your legs spread eagle and a doctor inside looking around and the medicine took all my cares away for sure.  I didn't feel too much other than the cervical nerve block he put in- it burned a little bit.  From there on out, I didn't feel much- the whole thing probably took 15 minutes as he gathered samples of my tissue and watched the saline go through my tubes.  Which he did tell me it went through- so that was good to know.   After he was finished, I was told to lay there another 30 minutes to let the medicine wear off a little bit.  I warned the nurse after my surgery I had a hard time waking up and I probably would be woozy for a while.  
          I think I must have had about 8 dreams while lying there- I felt like I was in such a deep sleep.  She came back in the room and helped me to the bathroom to change back into my clothes.  And then rolled me down in a wheelchair outside to where Dave was parked and waiting for me.   While I was in the procedure room- they collected a semen analysis from Dave and some bloodwork.   The bloodwork caught him off guard and I think he was a little weak afterwards- because we hadn't eaten lunch prior to arriving.   I wasn't as silly as I was after my GI scope, more tired than anything.  Dave and I grabbed a bite to eat at BlueCoast Burrito on our way home and then when we got back I took a 3 hour nap before we went to our family's house to tutor them. 
            I am currently on Doxycycline to prevent any infection from the procedure.  I have to take 2 tabs/day for 7 days.  Not bad.  The pharmacist asked to make sure I wasn't pregnant and we both laughed.  However, a small part of me worries I am since I'm on this medicine that is harmful to a fetus.  We did it a few days in a row right before ovulation and then today I ovulated right in  time for the test.  They like to do the test before ovulation just to make sure you're not pregnant.  I just keep thinking what if this was the month and we should have waited.  I know it sounds odd- but I don't want to do anything harmful if there is a baby just barely starting out in there.  But at this point, we would have no idea if anything was forming in there.  Dr. Vasquez said no sex for 2 weeks and no tampons for 3 weeks.  I'm thinking to myself - wow- that's a long time, and not to mention- what am I going to do when my period comes and I can't wear a tampon- we're in big trouble.  I'm going to have to go find the biggest mega super soaker pad out there.
           So now we anxiously await my period to arrive so we can proceed with the Lupron Challenge test and then once that's completed we will go over all the results with Dr. Vasquez.  At that point, we should have a plan of action.  I am excited and nervous- 3 weeks- more waiting.  I am trying to think positively - that maybe by October we could be pregnant- if we proceed with IUI or IVF and even with multiples at that.  But my cautious heart reminds me to remain calm and wait to see what he even has to tell us.  I don't want to jump ahead of myself.  But while we wait we will be doing a lot of praying. 

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